Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ironman Wisconsin Photos

I never can focus to well the week after an ironman. My brain and legs are mushy. I don't really understand why I feel hazy but everyone will tell me how exciting it must be to dabble in new adventures, work on buried projects, experience the world with no agendas. I always give an exaggerated look like yay, that's exactly what I'm doing even though I am truthfully just resting and recovering. Boring but needed.

So, with that said, I do not have a very fancy or exciting Ironman Wisconsin race report (maybe soon) but I decided I could do pictures. It was a tough day from the start of the bike to the end of the run. My legs refused to go though luckily my mind wasn't ready to quit so we ended up at the finish line in 4th. Not what I was hoping but the best I could do on Sunday. I am happy. Definitely not content. I have a lot more work to do in order to get to where I need to be. Even though the race wasn't the race I wanted at least my cheering crowd was amazing and gave me amazing support to get me through to that finish line and most importantly hold on to 4th as 5th place was slowly sneaking up behind me. A big thank you to my cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, brother-in-law, mom, dad, new found friends and Madison for being absolutely amazing. What a great (painful) day!

Swim exit


Fueled on Bananas.

Running through Badger Stadium. So fun.

My Dad cheering me on. Loved it.

High Fiving my Dad. Can life get any better?!

Where is the finish line? I was panicking because my legs were done.

Ok. Happy. 4th. I'll take it.



zbsports said...

Great pictures, I like it, that was awesome!!!