Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I love it: Shake and Go Smoothies

Today I have to give a huge shout out to Vega products and compliment them on providing the cleanest, healthiest, and best-tasting recovery products on the market. Hands down they are the best and far superior to any other company out there. I have relied on their products from day one of my ultra running adventures and never looked back. Vegan, Gluten Free, Pure and Natural. Their newest product is the Shake and Go Smoothie and they will soon be offering sample packs online.

People always ask me if I ever dream about suddenly drowning myself in milk chocolate or swimming in a vat of cool whip. I always laugh because those thoughts don’t really ever course my mind. I have found enough sweetness in fruit to last a lifetime and yes, have on occasion eaten enough peaches to fill an entire room. I truly don’t miss out on processed, sugar laden treats. I will be honest that at one time in my life I did love more than anything a warm cup of hot chocolate and the occasional bag of skittles. I cannot lie and say that those things did not taste good. Yes, there are many options out there to replace such naughty foods (if you can even consider them food) but I have never made the exhausting effort to actually find and sample a vegan, gluten free hot chocolate substitute or ‘healthy’ skittles because as we all know, the nutritional value and taste would never be able to satisfy my high standards. So, I have lived my life for the past 5 years without hot or cold chocolate beverages and have foregone all skittle eating habits…until a few months ago when Vega came along with their Shake and Go Smoothies. Now, at first, I was little skeptical. I already had my happy Vega routine. Vega Sport before and during workouts and then Vega Health Optimizer with romaine, banana, and strawberries. My body was happy as were my taste buds but skepticism was put aside because truthfully Vega has never let me down with their products.

My first experience came with Choc-A-Lot and while I know I was simply supposed to shake and go, I actually decided to break the rules and blend with ice and a bit of vanilla almond milk because I thought it was finally time for a vegan, gluten free super healthy ‘milk’shake. OH MY GOODNESS! Vega made chocolate taste like chocolate and there I was drowning myself in a milk chocolaty heaven. Honestly delicious and the quite the recovery treat but my favorite was still to come – Tropical Tango. The first time I had Tropical Tango was after a 5-hour ride that didn’t end at a house but a parking lot where we then had to drive over an hour home so I ate 2 bananas then Shake and Go’d my smoothie and was surprised by how good it tasted and that it actually was smooth and not semi-chunky. All I needed was a little water and my bottle. My favorite way to drink the Tropical Tango is to blend with frozen strawberries and coconut water. Seriously amazing. Almost like liquid skittles and the Hawaiian islands blended together.

I am a huge fan and am once again, adding another Vega product to my routine. Vega Shake and Go Smoothies are definitely worth a try. You will NOT be disappointed! So good. Recovery with just a little shake. I love it.


4funnyboys said...

Hey Kate ...would love to know what you eat beyond Vega products. As use them as well...I have read your prior posts but would still be interested in your day to day intake!