Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The body is starting to bounce back and feel a bit more alive. The legs are feeling stronger and the heart is beating a bit faster…after an ironman, I can never get my heart rate up without either my legs imploding or my lungs gasping for air so I don’t even attempt to climb out of the 130s (that’s my max until my body says its ready). This weekend I was able to start training some serious training and Mike and I began our Saturday with an evil up n’ down 10 mile run. Deadly climbs with even deadlier descents. I was determined to give it all my body had because I was absolutely so excited to be outside in Vermont actually running again. I huffed and puffed my way up climb number 1 then carefully descended descent number 1 then came climb number 2 and I started chatting 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 attempting to blaze my way up. Of course, blazing my way up these climbs landed my mile times at 9:15 and 8:33 but with a long descent ahead I was more determined than ever to just let’er rip. These are no ordinary descents; at certain points, we are dealing with grades over 20%. Time for the quads to get tough! I felt them slowly tearing apart as I ticked away at the 3-mile downhill sprint. I didn’t care – I wanted speed and was so happy to be running in the fall with all the red, orange, yellow leaves slowly drifting around me. 10-mile hill run completed. TIME: 1:17:57. A rather brilliant time for my first attempt and first ‘training’ run since Wisconsin. This weekend’s goal…break 1:17!

After the run, I jumped straight on my bike for a 50-mile tempo ride. It was a strong effort but once I jumped off the bike, I knew my legs were unhappy. Sunday morning I couldn’t even walk down the stairs. Monday morning I still couldn’t squat down or walk without an ugly limp. Tuesday I gave running a go but my legs laughed at me. Today, everything is much better and healed up and I got a little over zealous with my anticipated training plans – 2 hour hard bike workout in central park followed by a 40 minute run with 2 miles at 5:50 pace. 3000 yd. swim 20x100 as main set then a 3 hour ride maybe another jaunt in the pool…that’s where Mike pretty much lost it. and I quote “I thought you were going to train smarter. A 3 hour, mostly spin out, ride is a joke. you need to seriously change your outlook on the sport or it will no longer be an option”. Ouch. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but it is exactly what I needed to hear. I always know what I should do in my head though have the hardest time saying no to a friend or feeling that I’m missing a beautiful day that may soon become few and far between. It is a horrible habit and causes me to have unproductive training that leads to nothing more than slow bike times. What I need to do is bike, run, swim…relax and recover then jump on my trainer for 1 hour hard of shorter intervals then call it a day of training and work on my writing. Hmm now I have to explain to my friend Hank that I am in the severe dog house for making unfocused, unproductive training plans and hope he doesn’t hate me to much for backing out of yet another ride (once again from saying yes when I should have said no). Maybe I should just blame all of this on Hank?! Haha Hank…I love you!

Off to my run…need to stay focused. Always train with a purpose and no, riding to enjoy a beautiful day is NOT a purpose. Ugh.