Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apple Picking

Autumn. My absolute favorite time of year. The crisp air. The brilliant colors. The smell of bonfires and apple pies. I truly missed the change of seasons last year. While sun and warmth are absolutely wonderful, they don’t awaken my imagination. They don’t make me take deep breathes and reminisce of old memories and all the new ones to come. I love seeing the slow stream of smoke pouring out of stone chimneys, the rivers carrying the most colorful array of leaves, and wonderfully orange pumpkins scattered throughout Vermont fields. It makes me giddy.

Last weekend was my first fall adventure…apple picking with the family. There is nothing better then being able to grab beautiful red apples from the tree and giggle as you take your first bite and juice runs down your chin. Fujis were the apples of choice this particular weekend as each variety of apple has their own ripening progression. At first, a little disappointment came across all of our faces because Fujis are not the best ‘in store’ apples. They always taste rather bland and mealy but we decided what the hay and give’er a go as we didn’t have many options. We all took a skeptical first bite and were AMAZED at the taste. These apples were astounding. Crunchy, sweet, a taste buds dream. My little nephew Colin was in apple heaven. He was in awe that you could simply pick an apple and then eat it! He carried around one of the biggest Fuji apples I’ve ever seen and then made sure to eat every little morsel. He loved that he could just throw the apple on the ground after he was finished. I honestly think he ate upwards of 5 apples that day. Actually, we probably all ate about 5 apples because they were so good. We had an absolute blast. Who would’ve thought that apple picking could even entertain a high school football player? I’m telling you, there’s nothing better then grabbing the family and heading out to the orchards.

Happy apple picking!