Monday, August 23, 2010

Confidence Boost.

First off, I am 100% decided that I will be racing Ironman Wisconsin on September 12. Training has been going exceptionally well and I can finally say that I would actually be nervous to race myself. I am ready and confident. I am so excited to get to that start line and fight for 1st place. I will have 16 weeks of uninterrupted hard, fast training in my legs (and arms…I haven’t forgotten about swimming).

I raced Timberman 70.3 this past weekend and while it may not look like the fastest race on paper – it was a ridiculously good race for all the load I had in my legs from the past 10 days of biking, running, and swimming. There was no taper. No resting up except for major bed time on Saturday which refers to lying and/or sitting in one’s bed without any intention of getting up unless for food or bathroom. Ahh, loved it.

I was amazed yesterday to hear that I was the 6th woman out of the water only 3 minutes down to the leaders. This is a major breakthrough and means that I was able to hold onto the second pack chase group on the bike and actually had the potential to run my way up to top-5 but due to slightly dead legs, I didn’t have the low 6minute mile pace ability. It is all good because I know that I am saving up for Wisconsin where I am hoping to, in simple terms, crush skulls. Yippee!