Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sorry for the long absence on my end. Life has been a bit hectic. I feel as if we are living in limbo…always waiting for someone to give answers. Mike is in the city and started his new job hopping between hotels and apartments. I am in Connecticut doing all that I can to regain some lost fitness, ensure a smooth transition to NYC, and attempt to recapture some normalcy though a routine will not happen until the end of the month. It looks as if we won’t be in our new apartment until after June 16th and before we officially live there we need to do a complete overall with paint and brooms. We actually snatched the apartment before it was listed - meaning before it was cleaned, painted and renovated - but ended up saving lots of $$money on our end and that’s never a bad thing. Good news is that since I currently have a garage I decided to renovate a beautiful desk (my father-in-law must love it). I found it abandoned on the side of the rode. Few have faith in its hidden beauty though I know this one has major potential after some long hours of laborious love. All is well and the changes and craziness are all happy and fun and exciting. No worries here!