Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Race Day

St. George was absolutely amazing! One of the most gorgeous places I have ever been to in my life. There was breathtaking beauty surrounding you all day. The town was so quaint and cheerful. I just fell in love with this place and was so happy to finally make a good decision.

Race days are always interesting and this one most certainly gave me a whirlwind of emotions. The swim was held in a reservoir that seemed to appear out of no where. Imagine the moon then imagine the moon with a sparkling blue watering hole…that was our swim – a cold swim. Stepping into that water was no fun but looking at all the pros slowly making there way in and there faces change from focused to pain was enjoyable. I made sure to do a solid warm-up and had to unfog my goggles about 5 times before the start. Once the cannon boomed, we were off and I fell behind some feet and that was it. Happily uneventful and came in just under 1-hour. A good start until I realized I was frozen. The wetsuit rippers had to do everything in order to get my wetsuit off. I couldn’t move and once my semi-naked body hit the cold air…uncontrollable shivers. So there I am in T1 with no ability to move my hands or body simply shaking explaining to the ladies that it is cold about one million times. They did everything for me including putting on my socks, shoes, helmet, buckling helmet, change shorts, arm warmers, jacket, sunscreen and after all that was completed I still sat there thinking I need some hot tea maybe even hot chocolate or possibly a coffee even though I don’t drink coffee. yep, that was my rambling mind then before I could think clouded thoughts anymore the five ladies yanked my body off the chair and shoved me out the tent screaming GOOD LUCK! 5 minutes in T1. Whoopsies.

Onto the bike – Cold. Even though I had arm warmers and a warm jacket, I was tightening up every where breathing hard despite not moving. Hmm, what to do? I just kept working at it. Pedal and push. Pedal and push. Well, I wasn’t moving fast but I was moving forward so that was definitely a positive. Around mile 30, my lower back started killing me. It probably had to do with switching back to my Ceepo in such short notice and failing to put my seat at the correct height which ended up working muscles that are never worked. It was a very uncomfortable ride for about 40 miles which slowed my sorry ass down some more. Not a good feeling but coming into loop 2, things starting to feel good. No more frozen body and the back pain subsided so I gave it go and ended up biking quite well from mile 74-112. I was happy with my second loop but sad about seeing my bike time. No time to linger…it was time to run.

I started the run with a banana shoved into my shirt which people seemed to love. I guess running with bananas sticking out of your top isn’t the norm but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Of course, I had the never fail T2 bathroom stop. I don’t know how to cure this epidemic. I can’t pee myself running or walking and I really have to go coming off that bike (darn coconut water). So, I do my I need to pee really fast and end up going really slow pit stop then I was off and my legs felt like absolute garbage. Oh boy. Never the best feeling of having trashed legs and knowing you need to run 26.2 miles. This is where running ultras truly saves me because I always bring myself back to about mile-74 of the Vermont 100 and remember that if I kept moving forward then I should be able to fly now. Once I made the 4 mile climb out and hit the first flat/downhill, blood flow seemed to increase and I fell into quite comfortable rhythm. Never really fast but strong. It was a tough run course. Hills and then more hills. I honestly loved it though one couldn’t tell by my face because I was so focused. I sometimes get into a run trance where I notice nothing. I feel bad because everyone was cheering so loudly and I simply don’t respond with even a blink. Sorry! Once I took 5th, I inherited the best bikeman possible. He just kept screaming Move out of the way, 5th place female. This girl needs some water. If a girl needs pretzels, get her some pretzels. Working for money here…on the inside. He was amazing and making me laugh because he was just non-stop yelling at people. I loved it! He was my hero. At mile 21, I had 5th place pretty much secured and then had my husband gently remind me if I wanted to get paid for this effort I might want to get my butt moving a little faster. Wurtele obviously crushed us all and now I needed to get under 10:21 to get paid so the fight was on and was truly painful. I ran my little heart out at the end which wasn’t fast but I gave it everything I had. I was chasing the invisible person (a paycheck) and knew that if I missed it by 10 seconds I would be pissed at myself. Yes, I had the full fledged sprint to the finish and remember nothing about mile 24-26.2 but I MADE IT! Yippee. Thank goodness. I guess that’s what I get for a 5-minute transition and a horrible performance on the bike. Lake Placid…watch out! This girl will be trained and ready to conquer you…I love racing but I will tell you right now – in two weeks, Florida 70.3 will hurt.


Ewa said...

Kate, you are one tough lady! Congratulations on a wonderful $ finish!
I wish I had more time to comment but my days now are a bit nuts. Just wanted to let you know I read and I am totally impressed.

MandyB said...

YAY, KATE!! So proud of you, girl! You DO know you best. Onward and upward! See you at Placid!