Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update on my end…I am flying out to Florida tomorrow for a little family vacation in Disney World and will be racing Florida 70.3 on Sunday. Unfortunately, my legs are still feeling the affects of St. George but I do love to race. It will be so much fun racing with almost the entire Pallardy clan intact minus my sister Christy, her husband Marc (wish you were coming) and my husband but other than that we will have a full house and I’m sure some good memories. Oh yes and full house means full house. I think 8 of us will be in a two bedroom. Nothing like a little family bonding. Actually, I love it because this race is truly a no pressure race day and then straight off to Splash Mountain. I’m so excited and will give it everything to make them proud though don’t worry, they already told me Kate, we don’t even care if you can’t race. We’re in Disney! Thanks…I think.

After Florida, I will be flying back to California only to have to pack up our entire apartment for a move across the country. Yep, Mike and I are moving back to the Big Apple. I am thrilled! Not quite a California type of girl. Home is out East. So, that will make for a crazy end of May. Then we have the time trial apartment search in midtown Manhattan and crossing our fingers that the stuff will make it from California in three weeks not six like last time. Once we get settled, Lake Placid training will truly begin. I already warned Mike that I will have to become a zombie for those 6 weeks before Placid but until that times comes, it is time to focus on getting life in order. Moving is no fun! but moving back to New York City is wonderful.


MandyB said...

You and Mike MUST come out to stay with Sam and me for some epic CT/NY/MA training - empty roads, queen guest bed and Sam was a chef during college! Not even a 90 min. drive from the city!

Best of luck down in FLA and have fun!

Anonymous said...