Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Next Few Days...

Sunday: finish packing up the apartment
Monday: fly to NYC
Tuesday and Wednesday: find an apartment in NYC
Drive to Connecticut
Thursday: Hopefully, a solo 140-mile birthday ride to Vermont (well, the solo part is unfortunate but still totally fun)

Thursday will kick off my official 60 day training for Lake placid. 60 days! I warned Mike that I will become an animal (sometimes fluffy and cute but mostly vicious and wild) and maybe a little insane but this is quite necessary. I am currently still in a severe recovery stage and yes, I did manage to squeeze in a whooping 10 hours of training this week. No worries here. Just a few extra jiggles that will be given a quite the awakening come May 27th. Mike and I get to have a farewell dinner tonight at one of our most favorite restaurants, Raw Planet and I will, of course, overindulge. Trust me, even though it is all raw and veggies there are still a plentiful amount of naughty treats to be had. I currently consider myself like a bear preparing for hibernation and am in need for a little extra fattening (though my hibernation will not include sleeping all day more like biking, running, and swimming but really the same thing).

Onward to my delicious feast and then off to New York City. Kate is going home :-)