Thursday, May 20, 2010

Florida 70.3

Florida kindly reminded me that St. George was still hanging around in my legs. I had realized this fact days before I approached the starting line but the decision had been made long ago that I would race no matter the circumstances. Two days before Florida I decided to give the legs a test run…I hopped onto the bike for a 2 x 15 min. time trial and then jumped directly onto the treadmill for an 18 min. 5k. The bike went fine. Not amazing but acceptable. The run was quite the opposite. I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t breathe, my legs wouldn’t turn over and at mile 2, I had to turn the treadmill down to an 8:30 mile and call it quits. That’s when I knew that I probably shouldn’t race though I am stubborn and my Dad was going to be there cheering so onward (and hopefully upward).

I gave it my best that day. Pushed the bike with all I had and then when I hit the ground to run well sadly nothing would go. My hamstrings felt like tight violin strings and my butt muscles ached. After about 3 miles, I put it in cruise control and gave a little comment to my Dad that I was toast, burnt crumbly toast. Of course, my Dad is the greatest and said Hey Kate, it is ok. Just cruise it on home and gave me a high five. I chatted with a few people and even jogged along side Matt Miller and Charlie Plaskon for a bit. Charlie is a young 67 year old athlete. He is a blind athlete and truly inspirational. Matt, the founder of the C-Different foundation is also such an incredible man. They made me fall in love, once again, with this sport. You just can’t ever quit and so I plodded on home to the finish line and smiled because I was greeted by Mom, Dad, brothers, my sister, and little baby nephew. Awesome.

Florida was a pretty awful race on paper but in actuality, it was quite good. I learned I need to recover longer than 2 weeks from an ironman but also that I will always be able to tough it out. I am coming to the start line much more confident and am learning to close my ears to the naysayers. I know what needs to be done before Lake Placid and I will promise that it will be my greatest race to date. Of course, before any of Placid training truly begins I need to pack up our entire apartment, fly across the country, find an apartment, and re-establish some sort of normalcy plus recover which may honestly take another 2 weeks until that zippy zing is back. I can tell you this...I’m ready and smiling.


Ewa said...

I love reading about people like Charlie. He and others like him make all my excuses small and motivate me to push forward.
I like your attitude Kate. I tend to beat myself if things don't go as well as I hoped. You are learning from your stumbles. Actually you don't even look at those as stumbles. Something I need to work on in my life.
Good luck with your move across the country. As much as I liked living on East Coast, I think my preference is CA. Or I just would like to more both shores a lot closer to each other so I could enjoy the best of both.