Sunday, April 25, 2010


Have you ever had that moment when you are absolutely fixed on baking something delicious? Where you are skimming through old cookbooks waiting for your eyes to fall upon a beautiful picture of pure deliciousness? The moment you find your soon to be culinary masterpiece you fetch a pen and paper, scribble down all the necessary ingredients and then run directly off to the store skimming the aisles for items 1-12. Once at home, you start pouring, measuring, and stirring. You make sure to do everything right. One cup here. 1 tablespoon there. Pre-heat the oven. Grease the pan. Nothing is missed because you know that one false step could ruin your final yummy work of art. The aroma is perfect. The timer is ticking and you are anxious checking again and again if all is ok in that little oven. When you hear the timer beep, your heart jumps because you know this is it. Your taste buds are soaring; you absolutely cannot wait to take that first bite. Oh yes, the first warm gooey bite and then disaster strikes. It tastes awful. How can this taste awful? What went wrong? Dissapointment. You think over and over about what you missed or if you put too much of that, not enough of this. Did it cook too long? Did you stir too short? All the excitement and work with nothing too show but a large pan of something resembling spoiled dog food. Yep, this would be my triathlon career right now…a bad case of misfortunate events leading to a disastrous pan of cowplop. Great. I now must start at the beginning but running out of patience. I love the sport with all my heart but boy oh boy, this sport definitely is giving me a run for my money (literally). How do I make my cowplop into something ridiculously amazing? I have no idea. If someone does, let me know because good ideas from my frazzled brain have been few and far between.


Ewa said...
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Ewa said...

Kate, what happened?
I know at least with my cooking I often consider something a disaster while my family loves it.
Maybe you are wrong too and it is not a cowplop at all?

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