Monday, March 1, 2010

What Else?...

I had to laugh a little as I have had so many people ask well, what else is happening in Thailand? Oh yes, what else besides swim, bike, run…hmmm, there is my daily excursions to the fruit market and that’s about it. We are truly immersed in a swim, bike, run world. Our hotel is quite secluded from the lively happenings of Krabi town and of course, Thailand is a world far from home. English is not spoken here and the idea of coffee shop or movie theater seems extremely thrilling. We do not have television. Ok, I have a television with 3 channels – BBC, soccer, and a movie channel though the problem is that I unplugged the tv the first day I got here and now have no energy to actually go over and plug it back in so for me, no tv. Each day we are training from 7am to 6pm and in between attempting to regain some sort of energy to go nail it yet again. Now, this is all good. My teammates and I know how to laugh and giggle and have fun whilst training our arses off (literally) but outside life beyond the daily routine of swim, bike, run is well…boring. A good boring. A make you focus on what needs to get done type of boring. It becomes home here. When suddenly you realize that the four elephants walking down the road are quite normal and soon find your internal powers to tame the stray dogs well you know you’ve adapted to the Thailand way of life.

I am actually heading home a bit earlier then expected as plans changed but no worries, I am so happy to be getting back to California on Thursday and have missed my husband in crazy amounts. I have also missed my little home. When you are away, far away, you realize how fortunate you are and how truly amazing and blessed your life is.

Alrighty, I’m now off to workout #1 of the day…a speedy track session.