Sunday, March 21, 2010

A week has gone by...

I was reminded yesterday by my big sis that I haven’t written for quite sometime. She thought it best that I make sure to mention that I am still alive so…I’m still alive though my legs are quite dead. Training has come back full force and I love every long second of it. I honestly do not know where this week went. The good thing is that my body is slowly getting back on track and my mind is feeling quite a bit more refreshed. My week was filled with so many happy (and strange) moments. I wish I could share all the strange occurrences that seemed to come my way throughout this week though I honestly think most of these moments are you had to be there kind of moments. That is the sad thing about doing most of my training on my own as I am left laughing alone on the side of the road uncontrollably and this creates the illusion that I am crazy. and while some of these instances I swore I had taken crazy pills, I was not actually the one who was crazy. Does that make sense? Oh bother. Actually, to be quite honest with you, the main reason I haven’t had a chance to blog was that I finally had a break through – my writer’s block unclogged and finally, I have been able to make some great strides in writing my novel. This is a very exciting moment because for anyone who has ever written anything knows that when you experience a brain block you are stuck no matter how good your intentions. You can honestly spend hours in a library or with a pencil between your fingers but if you have a brain fart then you are better off poking yourself in the eye with that pencil (which almost happened on a few occasions). The good thing is now I am off and running (figuratively) and my book is flowing along with ease. I am thrilled with my progress. Now, off to the pool like a good little swimmer that I am even though I’d rather take a nice long walk along the beach.