Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Oceanside

I thought I would write to say that I am sadly not racing Oceanside due to some personal issues. Nothing serious but needed to postpone the TeamTBB debut for a few more weeks. I actually discovered a low key half iron in southern California called Superfrog on April 11. I think there are only about 300 people racing but it does have a small little prize purse so you can be assured I will be going for gold and of course, I’m a little antsy to get out there and see where my fitness is at. My run has felt dynamite lately and my bike quite a bit stronger though the course will be quite the dream crusher because much of the run is on sand…the race is hosted by Navy Seals so sand is obviously a must.

I do love the start of the race season as all the butterflies return and you are reminded why you fell in love with the sport and just how lucky you truly are. Just a few more weeks!