Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family Visit

My mom and brother are visiting this week and I am so happy for the much needed break from the swim, bike, run routine as it was slowly beating me into the ground. The days are now filled with beach walks, hikes, laughs, scrabble and sunsets though training isn’t being completely thrown out the window simply immensely downsized. Sometimes I just need to have a mental refresher with some good quality family bonding. Today, I am heading to the waves with the brother. No, not surfing. This girl isn’t that talented but we will pull out the body boards (and wetsuits) and cruise some waves. My guess is we will only last about 10 minutes because the weather isn’t quite cooperating and the water, well, it is cold but my brother needs to hit the beach in order to report home that he was swimming in the ocean and riding the huge (not so much) waves. When you are 13, it is all about creating jealousy among your friends. It gives you that notch up for at least a few days. I realize the importance of the cool factor so I happily obliged. Anyways, I needed an excuse to do some boogie boarding.