Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thailand: new experience

Yesterday my mind was filled with billions of little thoughts. I was entering into an unfamiliar world filled with people, culture, and new beginnings plus of course, lots of sweat (holy moly…it is hot), burning muscles, and screaming lungs. Not only is Thailand my first time leaving the states but also it is the first time I can ever remember traveling alone. It is a slightly uneasy experience but an experience that will truly help me grow as a person and athlete.

Krabi attracts many tourists for its unique beauty and its simple tropical life. Most tourists will stay near the ocean where their every need will be taken care of and the feeling of home and familiar comforts are constantly surrounding them. For us teamtbb athletes, we moved inland and placed ourselves directly into the Thai culture. Our hotel is more of a low-end dorm with tile floors, a simple bed, and a toilet-shower-sink combination that creates a very interesting situation as showering leaves most everything soaked including the bathroom floor for the entire day. Luckily, it is in the 90s from morning until evening because hot water does not exist though fortunately what does exist is air conditioning for an extra 4$ a night. I love you air conditioning.

Adapting to a new culture is certainly tough when language becomes a huge barrier. Where we are staying…English isn’t spoken and American foods really don’t exist unless you consider Pringles and Lays chips as staples of our world then yes, American foods are here. The grocery store caused me a small panic attack. Everything seems well…foreign. Most the fresh vegetables were things I’ve never even heard of and I really thought there would be billions of bananas but no bananas could be found. There is plenty of pineapple so my friends, I will become even more addicted to the ambiguous, spiky yellow fruit.

Off to my first run of training camp #1---please stray dogs…do not chase me.