Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Swim Thought

Today’s swim actually called for some easy 800s though easy with paddles doesn’t truly equal easy for this girl. As I am ticking through the meters, my mind and body keep on telling me you are wimpy, your shoulders hurt, you are slow. Evil thoughts that tend to always creep there way into my head whilst swimming. One 800 done. Two 800s done. Three 800s done. Then the fourth 800 posed a bit of a problem as I was deliriously tired and so I started drinking in much more pool water than your average water-gulping fish. I could feel the water start sloshing in my belly and then I had this hilarious thought come to mind (though now I realize it wasn’t even remotely funny. I was just tired)…

I envisioned myself going up n’ down the pool which wasn’t to hard to envision as I was going up n’ down the pool but that is all besides the point. Anywho, I was swallowing more and more of the water and suddenly realize that I had drank the entire pool. So, there my entire team is lying on the bottom of an empty pool attempting to finish there swim sets only to realize to their horror that Kate had accidentally inhaled all the water. Then Brett walks over to the side of the pool with that look in his eyes as to say What exactly is the problem here boys and girls? Of course, everyone is looking at me explaining that Kate drank all the water coach and of course, my belly was protruding larger than the Atlantic Ocean and all Brett says, without hesitation, is…GET IN HER BELLY!

Ok, so this thought actually made me have to stop on the side of the pool because I was laughing so unbelievably hard and the sad thing is now that I am reading this it just doesn’t make any sense. These are the things I have to battle in my head as my body starts to get more and more smashed. I apologize for bringing you into that world.