Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple and Beautiful

Most importantly, I need to tell you that I found Bananas! They do not sell them at the local supermarket but they do sell them just down the road. Every little food stall (most everyone has one down the road from our hotel) has delicious little bananas that taste just like white chocolate and only cost 5 cents each.

Now onto the simple and beautiful...

A simple morning run in Krabi always seems to begin with a smile from May, the owner of our hotel. She doesn’t speak English but has a heart of gold and we have a mutual understanding of our extreme lack of comprehension of each other’s language so our smiles and nods do just fine. I have managed to write a few sentences in Thai and the locals appreciate the effort even though I am quite scared that the computer translations aren’t as eloquent as I wish.

Krabi is definitely a far world from home though most certainly a beautiful world. The people here live very simple lives. They are so gracious and kindly accept our cultural miscues. I actually fall a bit more in love with Thailand everyday. Simplicity is lost in America. Here people are outdoors all day working hard to provide for their families. There isn’t stress or hardship written on their face…there is comfort and a humble acceptance of their lives as they are. We road our first team ride yesterday and most every one waved and screamed hello. The kids here have such beautiful little faces. Their energies are so magnetic. I hope to take this simple world back home with me as it truly makes life all that more beautiful and peaceful. Stress is a good thing as it drives us forward to success and allows us to reach our full potential even at times conquering the impossible however stress is a double edge sword. Too much stress can drive us mad and takes from us our childlike wonder and joy. Take time in your life to enjoy the simple things.


Grace said...

Hey Kate:

We are finding your experience amazing up here in the Minnesota winter wonderland. Enjoy every moment and know that we are loving every update! Good luck with it all Kate!

Aunt Marie, Uncle Mike and the girls

Kate said...

Thank you for the all the positive energy! I always think about you guys and keep up with the girls as best I can on facebook...crazy, right?! Facebook is nice to just keep somewhat in touch as we are all spread all over.
Love you!