Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long Ride

Yesterday, we had our very first long ride. Coach devised a deceptively tough 155k loop that includes all things evil: hills, wind, heat…but then it also includes all things good: beautiful scenery, wonderful people screaming hello!, and the beauty of riding 1 single loop and of course, 15 cents for a huge water. The most wonderful thing about this ride is that there are very few distractions.

We were sent off at 9:00am as a group. The plan was at 25k some of the girls (Rebekahs x 2) and boys would go off and bang out the loop and the rest of us would simply get it in our legs. Well, that plan didn’t really start off as I had envisioned as most of our group was holding on at 30k and no one was giving in. Last thing I was going to do was be dropped so I pretty much brought up the rear of the paceline praying that I can hold this for the whole ride. Miraculously, coach actually told us to slow down as there was no need to smash ourselves. So, we slowed for about 2k then put the burners back on but now it was just Amy, Tereza, Maki, me cruising along. The pace was fast. We had quite an efficient paceline going and I actually felt pretty comfortable. Amy is one mean machine uphills. If I was leading and we hit a hill, I could be assured that Amy would quickly creep past rhythmically sailing up the climb. Oh bugger but she will make me stronger so I guess a thank you is in order.

We ended up getting a bit lost at the end. Never the most fun as a 155k ride seems long enough especially with the heat. I think Rebekah Keat’s bike read 41c (105 degrees) while riding. That’s toasty and pretty much sticks it to you. I think our final time was 4:35 for 100 miles. Now, mind you we were pacelining but still…that’s blazing for this girl.

Off for my long run then beach time with the team…yippee.