Friday, February 26, 2010

Gray Clouds

There are always those moments in my training when I begin to feel as though I am simply stumbling along. The body is tired, the muscles ache and the heart seems to be sputtering. I keep pushing and fighting knowing that this is what needs to be done. Motivation is never lacking but sometimes that little extra umph just isn’t there.

After a short swim yesterday, coach handed us our workouts of the day. Time Trial bike followed by a 15k hard brick run then for a little afternoon delight…hill repeats. I had enough of my sloggy training. I wanted to feel some fire, some speed. I was ready to go for blood. So, off onto the bike I go. Our time trial road was oddly quiet and the sun actually hidden beneath quite a few clouds. I thought this is perfect, time to give’em hell. I was on a funny little mission. The sweat was pouring, my lungs burning. I was breathing like a ravenous bull. I was finding my umph. It felt unbelievably good to let it all go. I kept saying make the wind chase you, make the wind chase you. I shattered my quads and then felt some nervous butterflies because I wanted that same feeling on the run. I wanted to feel free and feel fire. I jumped off my bike and threw on my shoes and headed out onto the road.

There was an extra spring in my step. The sun still was tucked away beneath some gray clouds. I almost forgot the feeling of running without the high noon scorching heat. Each step felt easy and comfortable. Then, suddenly those gray clouds decided to unleash their fury and the rain came and came hard. It was almost like a waterfall pouring straight from the heavens. Literally I was soaked to the bone within 2 seconds but soaked with running shoes on means that I am in my little running heaven. I LOVE to run in the rain but, before I frolicked through all the massive puddles, I needed to save my ipod. I panicked a bit because I already lost my ipod a few weeks ago to an unexpected rain shower. All I could think was noooooo, not another loss (my heart can't take anymore). I started scraping for plastic. I was frantically searching the side of the roads for anything plastic. I ended up layering my ipod with about 6 things of random items praying for its life to be spared. After the intense ipod rescue, I stripped off my earphones and sunglasses and went for a speedy, puddle splashing sprint home. I was floating. I was giggling. All I could think was how much I loved my sport and how beautiful life is. Sometimes all a girl needs is a spot of rain!