Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today's workout was dedicated to a man by the name of Emil Zatopek. Emil was not only a phenomenol runner but a great man. A true role model for athletes all over the world. He is the only man to win three golds in the 1952 olympic games: 5000 meters, 10000 meters, and the marathon...A feat that will most certainly never be replicated. His training routine was tough and he kept it simple but hard. There are three things that were vital to his success--the track, interval training, and volume. So, today I had to embrace my Emil and had a 25-mile track workout and of course, to add to the fun of this little run I was going to run straight through the high noon heat.

After this workout, I was so elated and giddy that I had to send an e-mail straight off to coach. This is what I wrote...

Today was probably the greatest training runs I've had in my entire life. It certainly wasn't about speed as I wasn't blazing but I was so unbelievably solid from mile 1 to mile 25. I was worried that it wouldn't be pretty due to the fact that my body was quite dented up from yesterday's training though as soon as I stepped onto the track, I fell into that nice little rhythm. I didn't actually get to start my workout until about 8:45am...insides tend not to agree with late dinners. No problem, a little sun and heat never scares me as that type of pain never compares to other pain I've had to deal with so I just embrace it with a few extra waters and pineapple juice. I was all set.

About half way through, that's when things really started to click. I felt good. My mind was clear. I was a happy little girl out on that track. It was so perfect. Just me, 400meters, some sunshine and a few lazy dogs. Life doesn't get any better!!! I love finding that point when the legs start to fall apart and that's when the real fun begins because you begin a battle. No one knows the battle that goes on but you. Its when you have to decide whether you want to push down barriers or hide away from the pain. I decided to battle. Make love to the pain. So much fun. When things got sketchy on the last set of 20x200s I simply cried out "EMIL!" and pushed on. I honestly had a blast out there and felt so good. Don't worry coach...the legs are crying now. They are shattered but my spirits are lifted. I love running. Absolutely loved today. Thanks Mr. Zotapek. Thanks Coach. Kate :-)

Embrace your Emil today. Happy Training!


sallyaston said...

Wow! I am in awe of a 25 mile track workout and amazing that you felt great! Congrats! That is so impressive! :-)