Saturday, February 13, 2010

Banana Run

I have many people approach me and ask, “How do I get ridiculously good-looking arms?” It is a question I take very seriously and very rarely do I divulge any secrets however I feel it is only fair to allow for a small leak in my arm training routine. Now, people you must listen and listen closely…the program doesn’t include any of your fancy machines or pretentious dumbbells and absolutely no prissy little bands or 100s of push-ups. I mean, that stuff is all fine and dandy but for real results you must take it old school and when I say old school, I mean very older than old school. Take it back about a few million years when us men and women were supposedly monkey men and women. I know for absolute fact that our ancestors of great had ridiculously good-looking arms.
Start the arm training young! Definite key to future success.
How did our hairy relatives get such extraordinary arms without the gym and knowledge of reps and sets? Well, it is quite simple…in the morning, they think to themselves Oh, me hungry me needy food and sure enough they have to run to their nearest banana tree which happens to be just about 2 miles away. There they grab their beautiful yellow bananas and run home with bananas in tote and this my friends happens more than simply once a day. Yes, you may be giggling and thinking oh you silly little girl but the truth is, as my teammates witnessed yesterday the Banana Run is a staple in my ridiculously good-looking arms routine. Running with 10 bananas in your hand leads to arms that will make girls pee themselves at the swim start because they fear my chiseled biceps. It is all part of my plan to take girls out of the race before the race even starts. Banana-Rama!