Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Triathlon News

I finally have some exciting triathlon news to share. I am one of the newest members of TeamTBB for 2010! For those not familiar with the team, TeamTBB is unquestionably one of the strongest tri teams in the world. I believe most everyone is familiar with Chrissie Wellington; her career skyrocketed after working with Brett Sutton and of course, there are countless others including Olympians and Ironman champions that have trickled through the hands of coach Sutton. I also love the fact we not only work hard to swim, bike, and run the fastest but also bring our love for the sport to help change the world…TeamTBB’s motto We Make Life Better – two wheels at a time.

I am so blessed to be given this opportunity. It seems quite surreal. Sometimes it is a little nerve wracking to know that I now finally have all the pieces to success right in front of me. There are no excuses. If I fail, I know it was because I wasn’t strong enough. If I come short of my goals then I was too scared and I simply didn’t have what it took to be great. I absolutely cannot accept failure. Now, trust me, I fail most everyday but once I accept this failure then I am defeated. I know…it sounds pretty grim though the truth can hurt. I have huge expectations for myself not only in triathlon but also for how I can become a better person and how I can give back to this world. These things are all good and I am loving the journey. It is fun to feel the little nervous energy bustling inside of me. I have a great bit of fight in my heart everyday and that makes me feel truly alive and ready to tackle each day with everything I have.

Yes, becoming great in triathlon is a very personal goal but I truly believe that personal goals, whatever they may be, are incredibly important. They make you happier, healthier, and allow you to become a positive inspiration for others. When you begin to live a life full of love and energy, you start a butterfly effect. People feel the energy and use it to push themselves to a live better life. I think the key thing to remember, as you are working towards a goal, is to work towards it with an open heart and open mind. Do not allow yourself to become blinded by your ambitions but make sure to open your eyes even wider to the world around you. So, for 2010, set powerful, life-changing goals and then simply work hard to achieve your dreams making sure to do so with lots of love, laughs, and positive energy.


holman said...

A big TeamTBB's (and Doc's) fan here, so yes... I am a fan of you now :-)

All the best for the season !!

MandyB said...

Kate! That is fantastic!!

GTI said...

That's wonderful, Kate! Congrats!
(Still rooting for you!)