Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Rolled the Dice...

Sometimes you gamble and you lose and today I lost. It was a weather.com type of training day. Those are the days when you stare at your computer screen checking the hour-to-hour forecast and pray that the weather breaks. Now, let’s be honest…I experienced those on a daily basis in New York City but now I’m blessed with lots of sunshine except for the occasional spouts of rain. Currently, we are enduring 5-day rain spouter here in Cali so computer watching becomes vital. Of course, I could ride my bike indoors though Tuesdays are not indoor days so my head was out of it and the body was begging for fresh air...one more click of the refresh button and whala I had a break!

Shoes on. Helmet on. A few extra layers for warmth and I’m off. I was cruising. Absolutely crushing the bike—mind you, I believe I had a 30mph tailwind but back to what’s truly important—I was flying! Then, my flying had to end due to a sudden and massive explosion in the clouds HELLO RAIN. I make a super quick turn around and hello headwind. No more flying more like crawling wondering why I am so stupid and hoping my bike remains upright through the puddles and random mud pits. Not so much fun especially on a super busy road where I swear to you cars thought it hilarious to come just a bit closer to me and accelerate through the puddles so I experience a land tsunami. Not cool cars. Not cool.

Yep, I’m absolutely soaked to the bone. Muddy. A bit cold but then the rain stops. The wind dies down and I think, hell I’m already wet and muddy. Let’s go for some intervals. So lalalala I’m doing my little intervals up and down a 2 mile strip thinking I am an absolute genius because here I am cruising on my bike while everyone else is indoors because rain is cold and wet. Well, I pushed my luck. The gods revolted---they sent me a huge bolt of lightening and then a crack of thunder that nearly through me off my bike followed by a severe downpour and hurricane winds. I actually was a little scared but then, in a weird sort of way, I was completely happy. Giggling like a little school girl. Here I was biking in a torrential rain with winds blowing me all over the place and I was happy…actually, I was having the time of my life. I did one more interval just because I could. It felt naughty. So, in the end, maybe I did gamble though now I’m not so sure that I lost…I loved my wet little adventure except for the fact that my bike needs a major cleaning.


NJ said...

Love it! One of the best times I've ever had on a bike was on some trails with a few friends. A sudden downpour came out of no where and soaked us, but it was over in 10 minutes. It then became super humid and hot with the sun overhead and the tree cover keeping the moisture in the air. I still giggle like a school girl when I think of how exhilarating it was.

GTI said...

The rain is fun and the lightning is exciting, but try not to get washed away in any flash mud slides!