Monday, January 25, 2010

Beware the Table Salt: Part 2

After my little article on the dangers of table salt, I have had quite a few people question the integrity of my statement that the added iodine in salt could be adversely affecting our health. I know it seems crazy, right? The reason the companies have added iodine to our salts was to save us from thyroid issues and those unsightly goiters but the truth is hypothyroidism is even more common now than it ever was. Well, that doesn’t make too much sense. We have the added iodine in our diets (thank you so much salt companies) but the results weren’t all that positive (I take back my previous thank you). Of course, you will hear our wonderful media and advertisements claiming over and over again how horrible iodine deficiency is and that you need to eat table salt with iodine. Yes, iodine deficiency is dangerous and yes, it can lead to huge problems but the answer is not in consuming table salt with iodine.

First and foremost, I would like to publicly state that iodine deficiency isn’t the result of being iodine deficient. It is most likely from the obvious fact that most Americans diets are horrible. Their diets revolve around processed foods. They drink way too much caffeine, soda and alcohol and unknowingly use chemicals all over their bodies everyday. Fluoride found in our water and toothpaste and bromide found in our hair conditioners both inhibit iodine absorption in the thyroid. Then there is the vegans savior soy – not only does it hinder iodine absorption but causes its own little host of problems. Maddening isn’t it?

Now back to our salt companies…do you honestly think they added the iodine with your optimum health in mind?! Sorry but these companies do not care about our health; they care about their bottom line. So, if adding iodine sells more salt than add iodine. and what kind of iodine do they add? This is where you have the problems. The iodine added is synthetic and inorganic meaning it is actually toxic to our bodies. Seems like someone failed to mention that little fact. Once again, I will reiterate that table salt is poison and I stand by that statement 100%.

Salt, unrefined salt, is not poison. It shouldn’t be eaten in excess though the point here is that it can actually be good for our health. Organic salts, such as celtic grey seasalt, not only contain over 89 trace minerals but our much needed natural iodine. For healthy thyroid function, we only need a very small amount of iodine and this small amount should come from organic salts or sea vegetables such as kelp or spirulina and the good thing about getting our iodine from natural sources is that it is almost impossible to overdose.

I hope that clears up some confusion. Eat your fruits and veggies!


NJ said...

"Of course, you will hear our wonderful media and advertisements claiming over and over again..." 90% of media is bought and paid for by the corporation with the biggest cash account. Magazines don't simply write articles for the fun of it, many of them base their article content around advertisers and who is paying them to write the agenda. Yet magazines are quickly becoming the "reputable" source for so many everything else that is convenient, it's a quick read and only tells us enough of the truth to keep our feelings from being hurt.

After reading your first salt blog, I went straight to my local Trader Joe's and bought two types of sun dried (vs. chemically dried with the nutrients leached out) sea salts and disposed of all table salt left in my home. One might think, salt is salt is salt...but I can honestly tell the difference. It's hard to explain, but sea salt just tastes saltier and not just like it has a salty flavor (hopefully you catch my meaning).

It amazes me all the time at what people consider healthy eating when they're buying into the marketing hype. Can people seriously believe that when a company is tauting their product as the healthy option over their competitors that the company is marketing the honest-to-goodness truth?! Thanks for the no-nonsense, brutally honest approach.
(sorry, I got a little long!)

Anonymous said...


I bought a large canister of TJs Mediterranean Sea Salt and a small jar of the pink salt. I put them in my carry on luggage. Yep there are trace minerals in the TJs Mediterranean Sea Salt, it triggered the TSA alert. When it was tested it turned the TSA liquid purple and so then I had to be searched and all my baggage too. BE WARNED do no take TJs Mediterranean Sea Salt in your carry on---O the pink salt is fine.