Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanks Kid!

Dreaming that one day I will ride sub-5 hour bike split

Yesterday, I was out riding my bike on one of my favorite hilly loops. The weather was absolutely perfect. 71 degrees and sunny with a strong wind coming from the valleys not the ocean which basically means head wind climbing…tail wind descending. I actually haven’t endured wind for quite a few months so I took it on with open arms and of course, showed it who was boss (ok, lets be honest. the wind manhandled me a bit).

As I was descending from my first climb, I saw Mulholland Kid – that is purely a nickname but quite deserved. I see this kid climbing, descending, climbing, descending all the time and on the same road aka Mulholland with the same look of determination. He sports longer jean shorts, a simple cotton t-shirt, a tattered helmet and glasses. He is maybe 13 years old and just from watching him – you can tell he is dreaming big. While most adults need the perfect spandex outfit to train, a beautiful bike plus an entertaining (non-mind numbing) workout, this kid is happily riding his dirt encrusted mountain bike and hauls it up n’ down the same old mountain rode sweating into *gasp* cotton. He doesn’t care about what’s perceived as right or wrong. He doesn’t care about proper training. I don’t know what the kid is aspiring to become though I can promise he will become someone great because for now, he is daring to dream and daring to work hard towards that dream and truthfully, he probably doesn’t even know he’s working hard. He loves to simply be on his bike soaking in the sun. That’s what kids do. They don’t let the world and naysayers bring them down. I truly hope that when he returns home from his biking that he is returning home to someone who shows him the encouragement and support that kids need to take their ambitions to fruition. Hey…I believe in you Kid!

The moral of this story is that Mulholland kid made me realize that I to am a kid. I am living my dream. Everyday I get to mix pleasure with pain. I am loving life and dreaming beyond the stars. My world is full of color and laughter and love. I giggle like a little kid. I discover like a little kid and I am finally pushing beyond all the naysayers and actually living as a kid. My advice is this --- stop being so adult. Take lessons from kids.