Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't Let Traveling Make You Sick

After getting back from my Thanksgiving travels, I couldn’t help but think that a long day of traveling that includes both driving and flying is truly risky business…especially for us athletes. First off, there is the stress that always comes from airports and the check-ins, the security, the delays and the people who have no idea how to fly. Plus, of course, you are now surrounded by a germ utopia and sneezes, coughing, and unwashed hands. Stress and germs are made worse by the fact you aren’t eating the same, sleeping the same, and will be sitting on your arse for hours on end. And, what’s even worse for you and I is that are immune systems are compromised because we are training machines (yes, we are machines).

I always thought it genius to do a ridiculously hard training block that ends the very minute I have to leave for my holiday destination only to find that I become sick or severely rundown and I always wonder – why did this happen? The biggest reason is that I failed to let my body recover from training and now my immune system is exhausted and just can’t cope with the generous amounts of naughty bacteria and traveling trauma. Here are a few of my cures to avoid the traveling blues:

Solution #1 – give your body at least 36-48 hours of rest and relaxation before a long travel day (6+ hours of travel).
Solution #2 – wash your hands a billion and one times.
Solution #3 – don’t drown yourself in water. I know everyone thinks, oh I’m going to be dehydrated…listen people, drinking water is good. Drowning yourself in water is bad. I’m not a fan of fruit juices but when it comes to flying day, I think a natural fruit juice can provide you with hydration plus a little extra vitamin C.
Solution #4 - Eat how you would normally eat. Though I must admit, Airports are soooo tempting.
Solution #5 – wind sprints (or a gentle walk) up and down the plane aisle just to keep the blood flowing.
Solution #4 - when you arrive at your destination, choose sleep. Sleep is beautiful.

Good Luck with your travels and always take care of yourself. Now, if I could only follow my own advice.


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