Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Victory!

And the winner of Pallardy Gingerbread Houses 2009 is (drum roll please)…ME! It was a tough night. Almost 5 hours of gingerbread assembly. The key to my victory this year was not only being able to bring my vision to life but also nailing my nutrition and avoiding long transitions between assembly, decorating, and fine-tuning. The competition was fierce. I was up against a gingerbread pirate ship, aircraft carrier, and a beautifully ornamented church with all the bells and whistles. Oh, and I can’t forget my youngest brothers bomb shelter. And, for those not tuned into the gingerbread house sport, a bomb shelter means my house fell apart and now it is simply a pile of rubble so I will now call this a bomb shelter. It is ok Craig – maybe next year. For some, gingerbread houses are a quiet calm tradition but in my family’s world it is far from calm. It is 5-7 hours of pure candy pandemonium. Yelling and tears is just apart of this holiday endurance race. While many don’t condone extreme time saving techniques (such as wetting one’s pants to prevent a long bathroom break), I applaud such efforts. It’s a tough night and only the strong prevail. VICTORY was mine!

Pre Gingerbread Carnage