Monday, November 23, 2009

Victory! Yippee...

Victory! I must celebrate no matter how small the triumph because nowadays, in my little life, victories come few and far between so I’m happy and of course, because I’m such a complete animal, I pulled in a 30k course record.

The tote bag I won for my incredible effort

I started my day at 6:00am. Jumped on my bike and headed north on the PCH towards the race. I decided to make this a 35-mile time trial. I was loving it because one – I felt phenomenal and two—at 6:00am it is quiet. The sun sneaks its rays over the blue ocean and the dolphins were frolicking along. There weren’t any distractions and cars were few and far between. Beautiful.

I made it to the race with just enough time to slip into some running attire, take a potty break and then we were off…Mike was racing the 50k. He’s been training hard and seriously has become ridiculously fast in the trails. I waved good-bye and started out with a nice jog. It was finally nice to race with no pressure. I haven’t felt that free in a long time so I soaked it in for all it was worth. I honestly loved every step. The people were great. I chatted with a number of runners. I was cruising. The course was hard. Climb a mountain descend a mountain x 3. That was the best part! With about 4 miles to go, a lady told me I could beat the course record. I thought why not and put the burners on down the descent to claim victory and record. Though, I will admit – competitive field wouldn’t exactly some up the 30k but I will live it up for now...can't even imagine what I'll be like if I ever win an ironman.

Mike…he crushed the 50k. His field was stacked with true trail runners. I was quite impressed with his performance. What a man I have!

Oh yes, one last note…the only thing I was fueled on was fresh squeezed orange juice for the bike and run. I never felt better.

Orange Infestation. Send Mike to the farmers market = 50lbs. of oranges. Yummy.


MandyB said...

You are an animal! Wowza! And when you win that Ironman, you better make a fanfare!

Cory said...

Beast from the East take no prisoners!