Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Ride pictures!

Today, I actually decided to bring my camera with me on my little bike through the mountains. Even though this ride inflicts a good deal of pain, I just can’t help but love it because its absolutely beautiful and once you conquer the little hills…you get rollercoaster fun descents.

This little 'reminder' on the road is just plain evil sometimes. 2k until the top of the climb but of course, that was after you just finished a 40min climb then had a 30sec. descent and then here you are, climbing again...cruel (the devil's pitchfork quite appropriate)
The views are stunning.

This house is directly out of a fairytale. I swear to you that there are 3 creepy witches living in there stirring their pots and brewing magic. Imagination or Reality?
Once you pass through these gates, there is no turning back. Crazy descent. Steep. Hairpin turns. Narrow roads and cliff edges that will send you soaring off into the clouds if you don't watch yourself. Super Fun.

Steep n' Scary

The hills were rough on me today so let's just say I was very excited to be back at sea level.

California isn't so bad!


MandyB said...

OOOh, that looks lovely!!!!!