Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad isn't Bad

I have a bad habit of getting upset over a not so good workout. It’s those days when you want to run 6:10 miles but can’t seem to get below 7 minutes. It’s those days when you wanted to attack hills and instead you find yourself struggling to even pedal at your easiest gear. It’s those days you are planning on nailing every swim set and yet…your arms decide to take a vacation. So, those finished ‘bad’ workouts start playing with your head. You doubt your abilities and start changing workouts just so maybe you can squeeze in a good swim, bike, run and that, my friends, is a flawed plan.

You want to know how many workouts I considered not so good this year…60%. Yep, 3 out of every 5 workouts turn out to be bad. That means more bad than good. I thought about this. The major problem with this bad workout phenomenon is that mentally it takes its toll. I finish a not so good workout and then stress enters into my body. Stress is not healthy. A manic mind is definitely not healthy. Then I came to a MAJOR CONCLUSION…

Bad workouts are a figment of one’s imagination and ‘ideal’ conditions. There is no such thing as a bad workout. My self-defined bad workouts were actually quite the opposite. They are what made me stronger, faster, and mentally tougher. The good workouts are boosters. They let you know that you are on track. They remind you that you are a bit fitter than you thought. When you are training everyday, hours a day, you are carrying around heavy legs and worn down muscles but come race day BAM! you hit it because you were both physically ready and the biggest element of them all – mentally ready.

Don't let your self-defined bad workouts weigh you down. BE CONFIDENT...Simply stick to your plan and put your heart, head, and muscle into every workout every day and you can't go wrong.