Monday, October 26, 2009

Texas 70.3 and Lessons Learned

I don’t really want to dwell too much on Texas. I was very disappointed in my performance and I’m not talking performance on race day but my race prep. I was complacent and could have avoided my bike issues before they started. I took myself out the race on Saturday not Sunday. I always tend to learn my lessons the hard way though the good thing is that once the lesson is learned it will neverEVER be repeated. That’s how I roll along in this triathlon world…make a mistake--whoopsies, won’t do that again. I hate that I am this way. I look at Texas results and cringe because I know what happened should have been avoided and a good solid race could have been had. I would have rather felt a pair of dead legs on the bike and know I just didn’t have it that day instead of knowing I, in fact, messed up my day. Leaves a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’ll tell you—I wanted to quit. I realized I was out of the race. I wanted to put my bike down, stick the thumb out and call it a day Those devilish little thoughts start to flood your brain but ya know, that’s the easy cheesy way out. I can't quit unless I have some pretty dire circumstances. I went onto the run frustrated beyond belief and decided to give it an honest go. My legs were there for the run but no one to push them. Listen, I had a few tears, some self-inflicting lectures, a pity party (I was the only guest) and now, I’m ready. I’m ready for winter training. I am ready to make myself a swimmer. I am ready to build my engine on the bike and I’m ready to become a clean n’ polished triathlete. Come March, I will be a force on that starting line. I’m excited about my season and more excited about what lies ahead.

Oh yes, I want to thank Patricia for being so nice as to let Mike and I take over her home and bring along our traveling farmer’s market. Patricia has the Napa marathon in March and is shooting for a PR at the age of 40. I know she will crush that course and it is quite an awesome feat. Go Get’em Girl!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did I miss the punch line GF? What happened down there? Mike is supposed to be looking after the bike!

Anonymous said...

Even though you made a rookie mistake, you had the guts to get off the bike & kick some ass on the run with tired legs, this is why you'll be crowned champion one day at the Big Race in Hawaii, you never give in... Keep your head up... What happened to Vatch your crew chief, that's his job... miss ya, Tommy