Thursday, October 8, 2009

SHARK! Great White SHARK!

Before you read this post, I recommend you click on this website and take a good look at the Sunset Beach write up plus the insane great white pictures. This is where I swim people! and the sighting was Saturday!!!

I was born and raised with lakes. Innocent lakes. Lakes hosting the most harmless little creatures…the sluggish turtle, the silly otter, sandpaper-teeth panfish. Oceans were thousands of miles from me. I occasionally found myself swimming in an ocean but this was few and far between. Now, I live here in beautiful California right on the great blue. I’m in these waters every week playing mermaid and practicing my super triathlon speed swimming. Everyone I talked with told me that these waters are pretty much shark free. So, I never worried. Actually, I never thought twice. I’ve seen things. Things I convinced myself were dolphins. Everything is a dolphin…yes, dolphins because dolphins are fun and playful and don’t eat me for lunch. Well, there have been some major shark sightings and these sightings are EXACTLY where I swim with a small group. I wish I could tell you it was a baby shark. Even, perhaps, a lost shark. I’ll even take a sick shark but no luck. This was a very healthy 10-foot Great White shark breaching (whatever that means). A GREAT WHITE people!!! A Great flippin’ White swimming in the waters I swim in. Not good. Scared. Ahhh.

What’s a girl to do? and no, I'm not going to stop swimming in the ocean. I did my research and they say that the chance of getting attacked by a shark is 1 in 11.5 million. Of course, I am sure the chances are higher when you are all but petting the shark. My plan is to brush up on my survival skills. I am learning the tricks to defend myself against a Great White…this is quite laughable.

1. Carry a sharp weapon while swimming. I know my swim mates will love that I have a butcher knife strapped to my side.

2. Strike the Shark in Vulnerable Areas. So, when the Great White has both my legs and is tossing me violently, I will make sure to concentrate and direct my punches in eyes, gill, or snout. Simple.

3. Wear Gloves while Punching the Shark (they have sharp skin?). Ok. As I am getting eaten, I am really worried about their rough skin. Umm what about the razor like teeth crushing my bones? I guess, along with my butcher knife, I will have a pair of gloves. Maybe pink gloves…that’s cute. And I will daintly slip them on as I am becoming lunch for Mr. White.

4. When fighting the shark, back yourself up against a rock surface. Great. Just Great. Now, I have to actually drag the shark towards rock just so I have a better knowlege of his whereabouts.

5. Always stay in a vertical position. Easy. When the shark has his jaws around my waist, I will politely ask him if I can actually get into a vertical position instead. That will go well.

6. Never play dead. Gotcha. Playing dead only works if you are actually dead.

7. If bitten, immediately wrap the wound. Shoot…so now that means along with my butcher knife and gloves, I also need to carry a bandage of sorts. perfect. This is all so sensible.

Well, there you have it. Ways to defend yourself. This really has helped me out. I feel so safe now. One thing I know for sure is that I will probably never again swim in the cove where these sightings were. Of course, where I will be swimming is only about a mile down shore and surely sharks do not swim south.

Beach swim tomorrow morning…hooray.


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