Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No, I am not a genius

Currently, I am reading the book Outliers. It is quite a fantastical book. It fills your head with deep little thoughts and quandaries. It is a thinking mans book and profoundly written. The remarkable thing about this book is that it is for anyone. It is not a ‘you may like it’ kind of book because no matter who you are and what you interested in – you will pull something away from this book. That is a promise.

Right now, I just finished up the chapter on geniuses. You know, those whiz kid types and there came a section about IQ and Chris Langan. Quick intro on Chris Langan…Einstein’s IQ 150 – Chris Langan’s IQ 195. Enough said. So, here is Chris, a genius of sorts. He takes 100s of IQ tests. Passes with flying colors. Since he is so absurdly smart, he has to take an IQ test made specifically for those with masterminds. He, once again, prevailed with flying colors but missed just one question and that question was:

Teeth is to Hen as Nest is to….

I pondered this. Wanted to see if I could get this right. I’m a smart one (pure genius actually). Thought I had this in the bag. My logic rambled on like this – Well, hen have no teeth and if they did have teeth then their whole composition would change. Having teeth means you would eat different foods, those foods would greatly impact their physical adaptations making them inept to fly thus the hen as a bird may no longer be a bird due to the addition of teeth. Yet, even though they no longer would be a bird they would still be an animal of sorts…so nest must be to something that is in the housing category but would not exist in any pre-existing nest but changes its overall composition…not its overall category – after my mind streamed through what I thought genius thinking…my answer was Steel Beam. The right answer – MARE.

I’ll stick with triathlon and may have actually lost a few brain cells attempting such a ridiculous question. Who needs IQ anyways?!


Jennifer Harrison said...

I read that book and loved it!!! Made me think!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I actually knew that one... does that make me a genius?