Friday, October 2, 2009


This is the scene that has made me quite nervous the past few days. Yes, it is simply a trainer and a bike and a giraffe holding my workout but the workout is always painful and scary. I reluctantly put my bike workouts in Mike's hands...he has no mercy. Yesterday, I setup my workout and then avoided it for 3 hours. I took a nap. I ate food (slowly as to pass more time). I worked on training plans. Then, I knew I had to take on my workout. It included things like 2x20min. 1 hour of power. Cadence work. 2h30min. of pure biking and hurting. A lot of sweating. Plus, you may think well, at least you have the tv - a nice movie perhaps. HA! I laugh at that thought. Mike says that I can have nothing on the tv except for music and I'm not talking music videos simply music. Yipppee :-(

Focus time!