Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swim Coach

With much dismay (just kidding), I have decided to bring on a full-time swim coach. My little swimless life is now water logged. Actually, I love it. I love the little crew I swim with. I love that we can laugh at ourselves and I love that coach Gerry knows that I am stronger than I let on so he just says…You’re swimming with us – hold on. I am getting my butt whooped. I’ve seen swim numbers that I have only had nightmares about.

I decided I needed to attack my weakness and maybe, a teeny maybe, I can make it a strength. I say I need to swim with the best in order to be the best. It makes perfect sense to me and I am quite enjoying my pool sessions with my new found mates. Of course, with the new addition of a swim coach, I decided it best that I continue coaching myself. Truthfully, it will be quite difficult for me to ever let someone else take the reigns because I know my body too well and don’t ever want to lose the love I have for the sport and the fun I have every single day.


MandyB said...

Good on ya, girl! Keep on rockin' it! You'll have a blast swimming with a group. My swimming has definitely suffered without a Master's group... Just emailed the top high school team here in CT and will start swimming with them. Yes, bring on the humble pie - I'll eat it by the spoonful from these teens!

You have immeasurable talent, Miss Kate, you will only continue to tap into it!