Monday, September 7, 2009

Las Vegas and Wild Ass

Get your heads out of the gutters! I am talking about wild burros. While in Vegas, Mike and I headed out to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon and we ran into a momma ass (called a jennie) and her baby. I was so amazed by these little guys.

Who needs Vegas?! Red Rock Canyon is absolutely breathtaking and has some spectacular trail running. And next time, this girl is bringing her bike for some intervals on the 13-mile loop. I couldn’t believe that just 10 miles from Vegas and in the middle of the scorching desert such an amazing place could exist.

I made Mike stand there and pose. Its such a dorky picture. Sorry Mike!

We didn’t quite fit into the typical Las Vegas culture. Early to bed. Early to rise. Water as beverage of choice and I opted for my Nike sandals over high heels. Though, no matter how you roll out…Vegas has an option for everyone. One my favorite options was the all-you-can eat buffet which in turn, means all-you-can-eat fruits and veggies. HEAVEN! I dabbled in a slot machine or two and still think I left just a bit too early from my last machine. Last night, we went to see Carrot Top and surprisingly, he was flippin’ hilarious. No joke. I have seen him on tv and sorry but not funny though his live show was hysterical.

A low point in my life

We stayed at Mandalay Bay and get a load of this…30$ a day to use their gym?! Are they out of their minds?! Money suckers. Mike and I showed them---we created our own gym. Running Stairs. 43 floors and about 8 yards to get to each new set of stairs means for some burning calves and quads. I lasted 5 climbs and descents. Mike, with a loaded backpack of watermelons (who does this stuff), went for two hours. Take that Mandalay!

On the drive home, I witnessed something most disturbing. Caffeinated Beef Jerky. I mean, are we seriously going down that rode people? What happened to a good old cup of Joe or a sugary Coke? And to make matters even more troubling is that it is labeled as Alien Jerky. It’s not right. It’s just not right.