Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ironman Louisville

It is always such an enjoyable feeling to write up a race report after a good race. I am tickled! and wishing I could tell you that I am prancing around and full of energy but these last 2 days my legs are paying the price and my thumb has been in my mouth as I am curled up on the couch sleeping the day away or simply staring at the ceiling. Even though it doesn’t feel the best to be beat up, part of me loves feeling wrecked.

There wasn’t too much drama at Louisville. My race was pretty much spot on to what I wanted to accomplish and I avoided to make any stupid mistakes which is something I haven’t done up to this point.

Race Day


I finally had a true taper and despite not swimming for 3 days before race day (I know… shocking), I still pulled out a decent swim. I did a proper warm-up and then positioned myself strategically back of the pack. Next time, I will try and line up directly behind Flanagan but today I decided just to go easy. No need to throw down a 44 minute swim…it would just embarrass the other athletes.

Surprisingly, I caught onto the feet of Max Longree. He won Louisville last year and I knew that he swam a 59 so I thought stay with him and you’ll break an hour. At one point towards the end, I found myself alone and swearing that this swim should be over by now. I went into my survival mode meaning swim 10 strokes hard 3 easy until I saw the exit. The exit---It looked glorious.

Swim Time – 1:02


It was awesome to see a 1:02. It was even better to hear that I was in 9th. I can work with that. This year, I have a whole new nutrition plan for race day. This means I now am carrying ten 150 calorie KIND bars plus my Carbo pro drink mix. Creating a Sears Tower type effect on the front of my bike wasn’t an option and I have limited space to shove bars in my shorts or bento box so the solution was a bike jersey…GASP! I know, it is very politically incorrect in triathlon but I say, do what works and it worked beautifully.


The legs finally felt fresh. I haven’t had that feeling since Florida. Thank You Taper. The key on the bike was to get myself at least into 5th or 6th place coming off so a pedaling I went. I love this bike course. It is beautiful and the rollers are actually pretty fun. The first loop I worked my way up to 5th and then for the rest of the bike I was either in 5th or 6th. The second loop was definitely sketchy. A lot of people and 2 by 2 riding. I probably lost some valuable time as I was so nervous hugging the yellow line and trying my hardest to avoid a red card (and oncoming traffic) while keeping the speed. I’m not aggressive enough so I did what I could.

As for my food, I only could mange to get down 7 bars then opted for my liquid calories. The stomach was telling me if that I ate one more bar it wasn’t going to keep it down so I listened. Instead of getting 2000 calories down, I only had about 1500. I knew I would be fine as long as I got some calories at every aid station on the run. I train a lot on low calories and that really helps on race day.

Bike Time – 5:25


I was actually able to leave my bike shoes on my bike. Breakthrough! My transition was speedy for me but of course, a bathroom stop was vital though I was finally able to pee myself on the bike. Awesome and 2nd breakthrough. Probably to much info…I’m just so proud.


Legs felt good right away. I went with it and was running 6:50s. A part of me was thinking slow down but if you slow down in the beginning, trust me…speed isn’t going to magically reappear. I ran what I could run. I was in 6th needing to work my way up. I caught 5th relatively early and saw Kim Loeffler running like a madwoman and knew at that moment, I was going to be fighting for 4th place. That was ok with me! Focus.

Dizziness hit me at mile 7. I needed some major calories and food. Buckle up aid station volunteers. I blew through like a hurricane grabbing handfuls of pretzels, 3 bananas, coke, Gatorade…anything! I probably scared them---this girl needed fuel. Every aid station I shoved down as many calories as I could muster without slowing down.

Once I pulled into 4th, I felt a little bit of relief. All I needed to do was hold this place. Mile 18…the quads began to shatter and I mean SHATTER. Holy Mama. It hurt. Seeing my mom and sister and Mike all out there really gave me some much needed mental strength. I went into my think about nothing, hear nothing place. I just stare. Occasionally, I would mumble something to my '4th place female' bike guy that this hurt so much…he was the best, a counselor of sorts. Mile 25, I finally felt some relief. I did it! 4th place! I was happy. Slapped high fives. Shed a little tear. Happy. Happy girl. YIPPEE.

Run Time – 3:21

TOTAL TIME – 9:56:45

4TH Female

I did qualify for Hawaii but decided to not take it as I would get my ass handed to me by those girls. It makes more business/financial sense to focus on Texas 70.3 and Arizona. I am excited for these races so no sadness here.

Seriously, everyone out there on the course was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have done without my most amazing friend and bike mechanic…Lawrence Garcia. My sponsors, Ceepo and Vega, rock my world.

Vegas next Weekend!


Jennifer Harrison said...

YIPPEEE! Congratulations on your race! I am so glad you put it all together and got 4th. THAT is amazing!!!! Congrats again~! :)

mandyB said...

WOOHOOO - Way to rock it, girl!!