Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There are quite a few changes going on in my little life concerning sponsors, training, and racing. The most significant change has to be by far that I now have a coach. Trust me… I wasn’t out searching for a coach. Actually, I was simply out riding my bike in the California canyons when I literally biked into a man named Scott Davis. We started chatting and I soon realized that this guy was smart. He had plans, ideas, and knew brilliant people. I am a big believer in fate. Sounds stupid, right? but listen. That day, on my bike, I was actually muddling over my tri career and all the paths I could take. Should I stay with full distance ironman? Should I go for speed? Should I buckle down and get my swim in control? Maybe I should bag triathlon and switch to running…crazy thoughts. Then, I run into Scott who started to help me uncloud my clouded thoughts. I picked his brain a billion times over only to find that if I did not bring this guy on as my coach I could be making the biggest mistake of my tri career. The greatest thing about Scott is that he not only will be a fantastic coach (who will absolutely not put up with my ‘why I don’t swim’ excuses) but a fantastic training partner and friend. That is probably most important to me. So, I am letting go of the reigns and putting aside my pride---time to step up my game!