Saturday, September 19, 2009

Burn the Bike!

Yep, today I wanted to burn my bike. I wanted to build a large bonfire, hoist my bike over my head, yell loudly, and then toss it right in. It would have been such an amazing feeling after such a bad ride. It was ugly.

I started out a little sluggish and sore. Sluggish and sore are everyday words in my world so no worries, right?! Wrong. The problem I had today was that I dug my own hole and then continued to dig it deeper. There was a point where I thought I should turn around. That would have been smart but I’m not always the smartest. I still felt ok at that point. Let the ride continue.

Then it hits me…I do not feel good and I mean, not good. From my nose down, things began to ache and shake (not really shake but I had a few moments of quivering). The legs wouldn’t go. The arms wouldn’t pull. My mind wouldn’t stop thinking about sleepy time and delicious food. Ugh! I had 2h45min. to go and I wasn’t moving. I told Mike to save himself…ride off and leave me. Of course, he didn’t. Poor Mike. He has to deal with my disastrous training days. When I have bad training days, things are horribly bad. I swear no one has such bad days as me. I just hit a wall.

Do not fret…my bike is safe and far from any fires. I, on the other hand, am battling loaded legs and arms and brain (is that possible?).