Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Swimming

When it comes to swimming, I am a slacker. Every excuse in the book has been used. I throw out the old do more yards tomorrow skip today (never really happens). I always mumble off the ironman percentages…swimming is only 10% of the race and that means 90% of the race is on the bike and run which also means I should be training less than 10% of my volume on the swim due to the need to be a good biker and runner. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Ramble Ramble Ramble. Of course, all this is simply shenanigans and helps keep me from feeling guilty about my swim training.

But, my friend, something has happened. A shift in the wind. A change in the tides you might say. I moved to California where the sun shines all day and joined up with the Southern Cali aquatics. This past month my arms have seen more yards than in their entire combined 24 year existence (slight exaggeration). The exact amount of yards you may ask? I can’t disclose due to its low number in comparison to my fellow ironman competitors though I will share this week…

Monday 5500 yards
Tuesday 4200 yards
Wednesday 4500 yards

These numbers put me on the road to a 30k swim week. Now, let’s be honest here—30k ain’t happening. I will fall apart. My excuses will irk there way in and cloud my brain but I must enjoy my small victories.

Happy Swimming to All.


Anonymous said...

I am a football coach that has participated in a couple of half Ironmans and 5 or six olympic distance triathlons. I was at the field today and as I looked at the offense go though there drills I could not help but notice this beautiful gate. It was intervals on the track and wow this person was fast. Look out world this girls is solid. I spoke with her and an even nicer person. Triathlon is in good hands wow I do miss it. GO KATE!

Anonymous said...

Nice job Today on the track. Football coach

Kate said...

Thanks Coach! That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said. don't have to miss triathlon. Come on back to the dark side. Sign up for a half next year and then go for it. Next, it will be you doing the intervals on the track. I'm sure you also have a beautiful gate.