Monday, August 24, 2009


With race day approaching, I want to feel ready and excited for the start but more so am battling constant butterflies and pre race jitters. I know I have trained hard yet no matter the amount of positive thoughts I attempt to conjure up, the what ifs start to creep in. I hate it. I’m trying to clear the mind and doing whatever else yoga type serenity I can muster. Nothing is working. As I looked over my race tires, I thought---what if I get the dreaded flat? Pulled out my nutrition thinking---what if the stomach goes? Laid out the race clothes panicking---what if I have dead legs? It never stops. Help! Mike keeps telling me that going into this race I have nothing to lose but I look at him and say…the problem is, I have everything to gain. and of course, to me, this is the my big race of the year (yep, no pressure there). Breathe in and breathe out. I’m a mess.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Katie, I have been following your blog b/c you are linked to Ben Lin's and you have done a great job racing PRO this year - KEEP IT UP!!!!! Good luck this weekend, you will do super. Be confident!

GoBigGreen said...

Keep thinking of the things that have worked for you day in and day out, not the things you cant control. You will do great!

Jennifer Harrison said...

PS I just realized I called you Katie instead of KATE! SORRY about that!