Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost in the Wilderness

For the past two weeks, I have been frolicking around the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin. My parents own a cabin about 40 miles east of Lake Superior. This secret little place has always been my home away from home. No computers. No television. Barely any cell phone service. No Distractions! It was, in a way, a solo training camp but with my entire family. The cabin was filled to the roof with my 2 sisters and their husbands, my 2 brothers, baby nephew Colin, and of course, the Mom and Dad.

I was nervous about heading up there during some of my hardest training weeks before Louisville but I can tell you it went better than expected. I absolutely loved training up there and loved even more returning to a cabin where there were more important issues to be attended to than swim, bike, run. Yahtzee dice needed to be rolled…Scrabble words needed to be made…Boating adventures needed to be had. I was a good girl and avoided, with sadness, any water sports. For many, it may seem silly but wakeboarding, skiing, and extreme tubing have stupid injury written all over them so instead, I watched and cheered keeping just to my measly old kayak.

The weather wasn’t the greatest. The wind howled from the North everyday. Pictured above was one of my morning wake-ups to 46 degrees. Was that a joke? I did not find it humorous in the slightest bit. Ok maybe it was kind of funny as I slipped on a hat, gloves, arm warmers, and all the articles of clothing I could find in August. The daily temps were lucky to crack the 70 degrees barrier. I heard rumors that the lake water was 10-15 degrees colder than usual—freezing. Luckily, this girl brought along her handy dandy wetsuit and all but lived in that for the afternoons. For my swims, I would recruit any able body soul to kayak along side me. I some how convinced myself that kayaking is very much like swimming or actually even better than swimming so slowly my swims became kayaks though do not worry, I still wore my wetsuit for all paddling exploits.

The baby and me pulling out the classic Zoolander Blue Steel

Getting my brother pumped up for his football workout...he loved it

Preparing to take on the lake and yes, the lake always won.

The Family Game table where I, of course, crushed them all. I am---A Genious.

My favorite dad. He was on sag wagon duty. Cable snapped too far from home.

Now only 3 weeks until Louisville. I am feeling physically ready and mentally refreshed. I am super excited for these last few weeks leading up to the race. This is one of my favorite times...the big race is coming!