Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kentucky...I'm coming!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone giving me positive thoughts. It makes me feel so loved and motivated. You guys really know how to make a nervous girl smile.

Tomorrow I am off to good old Kentucky. My mom and sister are coming down from Chicago! There is nothing better than when you are on mile 18 wanting to vomit and your mom and sister are beaming from ear to ear rooting just for you. It gives me a hop in my step and definitely some added energy out there. Of course, I also have my hubby sporting rollerblades (quite a site but luckily he doesn’t wear elbow pads). He zips all over the place keeping me focused and encouraging me all the way to the finish. A lot of love going on Sunday.

I am, though, in quite the conundrum. I recently purchased some new bike shoes. I tried them out and you know, I was convinced they just didn’t seem as cozy or snuggy as my old pair however today I came to another realization that LEFT foot loves new bike shoe and RIGHT foot loves old shoe so after much dilemma analysis, I have officially decided I will sport 1 old shoe and 1 new shoe. I think of it as a good luck charm. A weapon of sorts.

I hope to report back Tuesday with lots of good happy news. I will sure give it a go!


MandyB said...

Go, Go, Go Kate-Monster!!! Rock it girls and rip their legs off!!!

Marni said...

Here in Italy we are all pulling for you! While we won't be there in person... we are there in spirit. Go get 'em Kate!!!

Anonymous said...


The NY Crew is behind you all the way. Do some damage down there so we can tell everyone we know a celebrity!



MandyB said...

Congrats, Kate!! 4th Place and Kona Bound as a Pro - What a first year for you!!! WOWZA!

Lisa said...

Kate- Congratulations! I was following various races yesterday and surprised to see a familiar name on the pro start list! Way to go; you're off to an awesome start in your first pro season. You beat me at Mooseman (Oly & 1/2) last year and passed me on the bike in Kona. Best wishes! Lisa Newman-Wise