Friday, July 10, 2009

That was 26 miles...hard

Yesterday I felt like a true marathoner not a triathlete. I had probably one of the greatest run training days of my life. On paper, it looked tough. Scary tough. The kind of tough that builds butterflies in your stomach. I knew how I wanted to run. I saw the numbers I needed to hit but there was going to be pain and some suffering…that always makes me a little nervous.

The Low Down

Morning run : 13 miles***Miles 1-2: warm up. Miles 3-7 Ironman Race Pace. Miles 8-12 70.3 Race Pace. (All on the clock.Miles measured out precisely). Mile 13 cool down

Gym: 45 minute session. Balance. Core***Hit a 1000. That’s my magic ab work day number but includes all sorts of Kate inspired routines. Then a few legs and some arms.
+++++ JOG HOME (1 mile)

Afternoon run: 12 miles HILLY!***Miles 1-4: easy easy. Miles 5-8 Trail running up n’ down canyons. Miles 9-10 Ironman Race pace. Miles 11-12 70.3 Race pace----or in my case an all out sprint home for an absolutely amazing apple fest.

I did it! That is 26 miles of running and not just a jog along. It was quality. It was fast.