Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do I have to Match?

I have now lived in California for over 2 weeks and one of the things I discovered is that I am a trashy biker and you know what…you mine as well throw in trashy runner along with that. Out here if you don’t sport an all-matching kit then just forget about biking. I thought biking was about biking not fashion but I am very alone in this thought out in Santa Monica. I would like to formally apologize to all LA bikers for my attire. I didn’t even know what a kit was until a few days ago. What is this kit you speak of? My shorts have to match my top? Are you kidding people!?

I am telling the honest to god truth when I say that a group of guys actually laughedLAUGHED at what I was wearing. Get a frickin’ life asshole. Yep that’s right. I could have throw it right back at him though I just smiled. Why give him the satisfaction? Well, I will tell you one thing---this girl is never going to match all pretty and nice unless someone would like to send me a matching kit then I will happily wear it. If I get enough of these kits then I can mix and match to the displeasure of so many fine looking Santa Monicans. To hell with you all, Kate is no fashion statement but hopes to drop you on the hills! SEE YA.


Lindsey Jerdonek said...

You have the right idea, Kate. Smile... and then DROP THEM!!!!