Saturday, July 4, 2009


All I had planned for today was 12x400 repeats…HARD. That was it. No swimming. All pools are closed for the 4th and my wetsuit is still in a moving van lost in the desert. As for the biking, biking was yesterday. Mike and I went for a 6-hour four-canyon tough tough ride. This week has been another hard training week and after the first climb yesterday, my quads said they have had enough. There were literally tears shed because this girl was in so much pain and honestly hated life (for only about 2 hours but there was hate). At about 4 hours, I told Mike that I needed a break and a major fruit-loaded, salt-loaded aid station or this girl was going to die a deadly death. I was revived! 400s here I come…

400 repeats are one of the most punishing+rewarding run workouts you can do if and only if you do them right and trust me, you know when you are doing them right.

Woke up this morning actually feeling pretty good and not too beat up from yesterdays ride. I was excited because I knew my 400s had a chance to be strong and fast. I had personal records on the track that needed to be broken. After a 30-minute jog to the track, I discover it is closed. Closed?! I am so discouraged. Deflated. Mike says let’s just super slow jog it over to the Santa Monica high school, I can do that. 1h15m - we get to the high school track and CLOSED. I am bummed. I look at Mike and tell him we’ll just make it a long run day. We are slowly running. I am in no mood to put in any effort because I wanted my track workout and then I remembered. There was a dirt track right on 15th and Washington. One more try and it is opened. Hooray. The only downer was that we had been running for an 1h45m – I thought just do 4 repeats then jog it home. 4 done…my times are fast. I can do 2 more. 6 done…feeling super hero strong. I have to do 10. I make it to 10 then realize if I go 2 more I will be passed out on the side of the track. I needed bananas and water! But I was happy. The repeats were done. Speed was had.

It is all about determination. Getting work done no matter the obstacles.


Regina said...

looks like I just missed you. You left NYC....Liking CA?

I think the closest track to me is waaaay uptown at City College or Riverbank.

I am jealous, by the way, that you get to live in CA now.