Monday, June 1, 2009


I am coming off a strong week of training. Last week, I logged about 370 bike miles and these bike miles were hill bike miles. I have had my fair share of climbs this past week and I am starting to forget there is such thing as flat riding. As for my running, I have never felt so good and so fast. I did about a 40 mile week but these 40 miles were no average Joe 40 miles. Every run had a purpose and had speed unless, of course, I was warming up or cooling down. Saturday I truly impressed myself. My bike boys and I did a hilly, fast paced 90 mile ride and then, off the bike I ran a 39:40 10k. Eagleman…here Kate comes! I honestly think I held back a little in Florida. Actually, I know I held back in Florida. I have a fear of blowing up in a race. I am just a play-it-safe kind of girl. I do not think that is bad because I build on every race. I ran a 1:32 in Florida and now I know I can break 1:30. I am pumped.

I wanted to keep my training momentum going strong. I took it pretty easy Sunday in order to prep for an 85-mile bike with hills and TT plus a 4k swim Monday. Training doesn’t always go as planned. At mile 15 today you pretty much could have left me for dead. I wasn’t moving. My body hurt. I thought that maybe I should turn around and hop into the pool or even a better option was to lie in the ditch and take a nap but no. I decided that I had to stay tough and finish the ride no matter what. I was miserable. On every climb, I counted my pedal strokes. On the flats, I clung to the draft knowing if I lost it I would be biking 13mph (if I was lucky to even push that fast). When will it end?! Longest 85-miles of my life. Did I swim? HaHa. Not even a chance. I was toast. Completely smashed.