Friday, June 12, 2009


Eagleman is on Sunday. Oh Boy…between getting married and the sudden move to California, I have completely forgotten about a little thing called racing. My swim has become non-existent. I have unintentionally (that’s what I have convinced myself) boycotted pools. The way I think of it is that I wasn’t truly swimming before all the craziness started so a little pause in pool workouts won’t entirely break me. I am prepared for the ‘last pro out of the water’ scenario and I will just have to attempt to throw down a decent bike/run split. On a good note, I have been feeling fast on the run. This is exciting and means that maybe I can break into the 1:20s. I am crossing my fingers and begging my legs for speed.

Honestly, I am feeling pretty calm about the race. With all that has gone on these past 2 weeks, I am looking forward to race. When I am racing, I think of nothing else but the race and that is a much needed mental break. I am not as prepared as I would like to be…actually I am a complete mess. My mind has been going a million miles a minute creating involuntary exhaustion.

I was thinking about an easy 2-hour bike today but may opt for nap time instead.