Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Married Woman!

I am now a married woman! I have so much to share but wanted to get up some pictures straight away. The wedding week was a whole mess of fun. Don’t worry…wedding morning we had a 5:00am departure for a 4 hour bike ride. Everyone was so exhausted and sore and miserable from the previous day’s 50-mile ultramarathon, late night poker, and Vermont mountain trekking but it made the morning ride so amusing. My beloved biking buddy Tommy ran the 50k ultra the day before and woke up with shaky, dead legs. He almost snuck back under the warm covers until Mike hauled him out onto the bike. Sorry Tommy! Then we dragged never-biked-before Steve with us and let me just say…poor kid. No water bottle, no bike shorts, seat way too low, tires all but flat, break pads rubbing due to a crooked wheel, and no knowledge of big gear/small gear. He was a complete mess. Race Director Andy Weinberg hadn't slept for about 3 days straight and I gave endurance junkie Joe a 4:30am 'get your butt out of bed' wake up call...Joe ran only 40 miles the day before (wimped out and didn't complete the whole race so he had no excuses why he couldn't ride with the wedding couple). Then there was Chris wondering what the hell was wrong with all of us. We had quite the motley crew. It was an absolutely awesome wedding weekend.

The Greatest Dad!Mommy

The Rev

Little Nephew Colin...ring bearer extraordinaire

Love Tears

Thanks for Dressing Up Joe. Nice Shoes.

My Brothers. Obviously I won the arm wrestling match

What a gorgeous looking bunch. Our parents are the greatest!

Flashing the Guns!
The Sexy Sisters
I Love Mikey!

and of Course, I dragged the family out for a wedding day Hike.